Dec 8/2018


Gymkhana 10 section in Shamrock Texas. Created this snail trick course with 67 Ford Wrecking Yard cars pre 1972 models. Most had no wheels and came from over 100 mile radius.

DEC  23/2016

Always wanted to build this, pallets and succulents, living wall, looked fantastic in cafe set.

NOV 1 /2015

When they asked for a 35 ft long bottom half of a pinata to drop a pick up out of, I visualised this shot immediately. Something really special about walking under the belly of tissue paper.

NOV 12/2015

"can you turn that palm tree into a different tree?"

Well we tied up the palms and wrapped the trunk with a skin and then added a bunch of branches..

NOV 14/2015

10 foot Mirror Plexiglass 

Letters . " Whatever you do don't let superstar Italian model climb on the letters!" Strange how everyone forgot this after 3 takes.