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​ Born in UK I attended University of London Central School of Speech and Drama and graduated in 1987 for Theatre Design and Stage Management.Moved to USA in 1988 and began working in TV commercials in 1990. Since then I became a member of the Art Directors Guild Local 800 and I have designed hundreds of national spots and music videos.Nominated for MVPA award for Best Art Direction for Beck Girl video and winner Grammy best music video for Black Eyed Peas Boom Boom Pow. Designed first feature film 2006 Boys and Girls Guide to getting Down.
2016 I designed my first studio feature with 20th Century Fox and really got to experience handling massive budgets and an army of crew.
Since then I have been mainly doing commercials and short form films and the occasional feature.
I just finished filming a movie for Netflix earlier this year and continue to design commercials.
I recently started to do more live events including one this summer doing a three city tour in USA.I'm constantly grateful to be able to do what I do and it shows in my passion and determination to achieve the best results as possible. From very small budgets that require extreme resourcefulness to full on union serviced art departments, the creative is the key. If it lacks, I offer my experience to enhance, if it's rich, then all the better. I am extremely personable and can be a full creative presence or service an established creative.

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